Sale of 1900R fleet

QLift has received a fleet of 15 1900R skid steer loaders for distribution in the Caribbean area. These excellent equipment is one of the most versatile machines in the industry. For more information about the Mustang 1900R, you can consult the complete information of this equipment in our catalog. From QLift we like to carry out operations like this one, which show the capacity of international deployment as official distributors of brands. Miniloaders are probably the most popular Mustang equipment and the 1900R is a good example of this family, with a load capacity of 862 kg and a 3300 cm3 engine that provides a network of 68.4 horsepower.
This equipment, like all skid steer loaders, controls the direction through the difference of speed between the wheels of each side, the operator controls with joysticks each train (left and right) independently and intuitively. This feature allows the machine to rotate 360º on its own axis and this allows it to work in places where access is reduced. In addition, it has a standard All-Tech® accessory coupling system and, optionally, can be obtained with the Power-A-Tach® system. Which means that it can be used for different purposes according to the need and the available accessories.

More images of this 1900R fleet.